Steps to successful careers: critical thinking skills and self-motivation

Why and How? What if and Why not? (Think Different)

Why graduate studies? Know yourself/status — professional goal/preference/style

• Learn actively (through regular classes/seminars) to empower yourself

• Read and analyze relevant papers — focus and critical questions/purpose

• Think your own hypotheses/ideas — novelty and significance

Discuss your ideas with respected professors/mentors/colleagues

• Prepare a future (experimental) plan(s) — to prove/disprove your hypothesis

• Do it with curiosity and passion — timing

• Be positive and analyze failure(s) to improve your experiment(s)

Self-motivated with high aims (Never give up and be persistent like a turtle)

• Know your strength & weakness and do your best (All in)!

• Be healthy physically and mentally!

Practice English speaking – present seminars & grant writing in English

• Always think a question or two — active engagement/learning

Networking, whenever possible!

by Byoung-Joon (B.J.) Song, Ph.D.

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